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🎨Character designer app

We're leaning heavily into variety and traits with our character designs - we've got currently more than 30 traits, and many of these have 5 or more variants... and we plan to keep going. Our vision is that your character is like a personal action figure or doll that you can customize however you like - species, color, hairstlye, gender, clothing, weapons, eyes, tattoos... The list goes on and on. So we're planning out now an app and website to let you play with different looks, customize your character how you want, have a camera mode where you can choose different scenes, poses and camera angles, etc. Zoom in and out, rotate, and even place in your room in augmented reality! Here's a video cycling through some of the various options - we're busy at the moment getting ready for our mint, and this is from couple months ago, but it gives you a nice idea of the customization options in 3D [embed:]