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Wave shooter mini game

We love video games, and our vision for EON RIFT absolutely includes a larger game or games set in our universe. As we explore different gameplay types, we're creating a series of mini-games set in our world to play test and get feedback from our fans and community. The video here shows an early alpha version in Unreal of a wave shooter - see how long you can survive against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. The version shown here is currently being updated in the following ways: 1. Adding 3 additional levels, with level selector 2. Adding graphics settings for performance on different PCs 3. Leaderboard so we can have community contests with prizes Once this is ready, we will release to our community to test and get feedback. 💡Building games is expensive and time consuming, so we're adopting an iterative approach to build MVPs (minimum viable products) to learn what we can quickly and inexpensively, and incorporate those learnings into successive versions and directions for the games. [embed:]