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Soft Staking of Genesis NFTs

**Soft Staking** Soft-Staking is a gas-free way of using your Rifters to earn rewards by holding your NFTs in your wallet and keeping them unlisted. The NFTs will remain in your wallet the entire time, and there is no need to claim your points as they will accrue automatically. You will be able to see your point balance and more information when the dashboard is ready. **Listing Disadvantage** As soon as you list one of your Rifters, point accumulation for that Rifter will cease immediately, and you’ll be missing out on reaping the full benefits that you’re entitled to as a holder. As the staking mechanics evolve in the future, there may be benefits based on the consecutive duration of staking per rifter. **Point Accumulation** Points will accumulate on a daily basis at the rate of 1 point per Rifter staked (2 points per Gold Legendary Rifter staked). These points will be used for a number of different things across our ecosystem, so it will be beneficial to start collecting as many points as you can. **Point Usage** As a reminder, the points are not tied to the blockchain and will remain associated with the user account that owns the wallet which holds the Rifter(s). While they can not be sold or traded, they can be used for rewards such as: * Limited Edition Physical Collectible Drops (Including both free and right to purchase) * Limited Edition Merch Drops (Including both free and right to purchase) * Limited Edition NFT Drops (Including both free and right to purchase) * Merch Discount Coupons (Stacks with holder discount) * Raffle tickets for Rifter, Merch, Comics, etc. giveaways * Raffle tickets for monthly profit share giveaway * TBA Future In-Game Rewards * EON Coin Rewards